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your family photographer in Lucerne

emotions - memories

There are such wonderful, unique moments in a family's life that just need to be captured. As a passionate family photographer from Lucerne, I have specialized in immortalizing such great moments combined with the beauty of nature and family love in multi-faceted, expressive and professional pictures. This creates very special, authentic and candid family photos.


Unique photos full of emotions

Whether with your great love, your baby bump, during the various phases of your pregnancy, your baby or the whole family - you want to document unique moments with your loved ones in great pictures? I am in Lucerne and the surrounding area (Nidwalden, Obwalden, Zug - and beyond) as a family photographer for you and with you.


To create high-quality and authentic memories, contact me without obligation. Just email me. I would be happy to capture great moments of love and life together with you as a family photographer.​ The family photos are taken outdoors, at your home, depending on your wishes.

As a professional family photographer, I will work with you to capture the loving energy and special emotions of your family in enchanting photos.

An outdoor photo shoot with the whole family

Outdoor recordings are often the better alternative to studio shootings because they offer a more natural and authentic setting. In spring and summer, colorful blossoms create an enchanting ambience, while autumn emphasizes atmospheric family pictures with its colorful foliage. As a photographer, I especially love to do outdoor photo shoots, be it in the urban environment or in nature.


There are so many great places and corners to discover. They are all unique and different in all weather conditions. And it doesn't always have to be vain sunshine. Depending on the desired mood, soft, subdued light or even somewhat mystical lighting conditions are ideal for capturing unmistakable and unique special moments.​


Home story – photo shoot at your home

When baking together in the kitchen, getting together in the living room or on the lawn in your own garden - I accompany you as a family photographer during special moments in your own four walls. In contrast to the studio, this offers the advantages that everyone feels comfortable in their home and there is a natural atmosphere. The family pictures are simply very authentic due to the familiar surroundings and radiate a nice warmth. Particularly suitable for newborn photography.


The family shooting in Lucerne

Perhaps you already have a desired location for the photo shoot in mind? Wonderful, I'm flexible and always curious to discover new and exciting things.​ As a family photographer with a lot of experience, I manage to create a relaxed and intimate atmosphere with the right ambience. Every single photo will reflect the good time with the family in a natural and authentic way.

Examples of my work as a family photographer

Homestory Baby - Newborn - photo shoot at your home

Information, prices as a family photographer

The wishes and requirements for a perfect shoot vary from customer to customer. To get an idea of the services and the associated prices, you will find individual offer packages and information below:

Unforgettable moments to remember with family

Whether it's a shoot at your home, in my photo studio or in nature - the shoots with me as a family photographer are unhurried, very relaxed. Loaded with your family happiness, the photos will remind you of these beautiful moments in the future. Would you like more information about me as a photographer or my services? Then simply get in touch with me!

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